Daniel Poppick


No proxy for the fad kids call it
Roaring thorns
Except the animal’s numeric age
Rebooted at the edge of a fairy tale. A snow
Queen: through the trees all wiped o’ leaf
A figure more echolocation than lady
Approaches crystal sting

Advertising herself with gunshot blinks
Like cashmere stunned the Jews of my youth
Or the goldfinch’s gaslight chuckle. Her tongues
Pluck. Somewhere someone is in America
The radiator pricks
The room open, heat the theologian
Most vocal in the mechanism


The rose she beams
Bridges forth from her station
Such that we remain wide for night,
So when an idiom splashes
                                         Out of her & raids
A green the bobolink
Blurs despite what a prism’s come to incorporate
In certain of law’s flares met walking off the day.
No music pricks no music
Palmed, reply by blood
                                    Dense toxin
Clover dips into, holly
In the hollow at the end of the mind
Borne up to highlight shoots in the blueprint
For walls we storm in this bombed laughter