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Adrienne Raphel

A red ball, two greens, a navy, a pink,
Moving smoothly up and up the wire tubing,
The front of the line, pink, out first,
Lever, teeter, right, green one, tilt,
Right, the second green tipped left to the vertical
Spiral, shoot, down to the canvas
Trampoline, sprung up, arc, over,
Low ramp, back, forth, back, forth, till the
Pulley-fed platform, behind the navy ball
Stacked in the slot for eight balls, six there,
Two white, dark purple, an orange, a white,
The pink one along the curve and bobbling
Down the shallow steps and into another
Lever: left, platform, right, chute; right;
The other green one, the other, side-to-side
Bounces down the gap-toothed wooden blocks
Hollow tock tock tock, drop, rolls, to the left,
Left, a yellow ball around the bend tips
The elevator up and the red ball into
The wide-mouthed steel drum, round, around