Today’s violence is cross-referenced
under technology.

An eagle shot in the face by a hunter
successfully receives

a replacement beak. I do not know
who these people are

who snipe the sky & walk off
when they know they’ve missed the heart.

I know the eyes that spot
the dying animal, abandoned

for what’s called nature to deal with.
The hands responsible

for lifting the face & deciding to undo
what another human has done to it.

Someone will have to stabilize the bird
reading its deformity

for signs of infections.
Someone will have to see over

& over to suture the gash
where its beak once was,

another, engineer the yellow arc
so the bird can be outfitted

with a second chance,
photographed for science, released back

into its world as if only just returning
from a day of hunting mice.

I wonder what the hunters think
of these efforts taken to undo

their recklessness, the delicate building
back to square one after a failed

annihilation, & whether the part
of the body that registers shame

is ever called upon to answer.