Chicken Grease

Logan Fry

These choices, parenthetically, have potential

To displace where grew

Actuality like the rubble that spawns Popeye’s

Bonafide, where one’s rest could slick

The skin given me, unapologetic I, as I mangle me for spite and

Order again items from the narrow menu taped

Below the backlit one,

Request a shrunken cup to fill with water twice,

And am done with it, all its satisfied primarily

By the door’s simple yield. I, no longer seeking

Resistance where it need not dawn, rise against

Most mornings, despite the argument the pome

Calmly orates, which propagates complaint for

Which one would rise against, for what, where elsewhere, a rare

Mind succumbs, not unlike Ukraine, but elsewhere still, certain

Still, a raw gut guiles a field, a war could thwart

Its troth, dissenting. Mouth sporadic as rifles a

Mercenary idles a Ford Explorer elsewhere for

Its food. Forbearance is not fair, and never can

Stalk its own flag, but never once suspect a flea would be bit back

And forth thru its cores bundled in the quark.

That he has its part in the pigment dyed on the

Styrofoam sweating in the palm of his hand that

Sloshing it or not, it’s needed, through which the

Diadem type 2 ascends gladly to frame

Successive meals white as risk. Announce

This holding of the brown tray aloft,

Folding in inconsistent weather and unfolding in others lacking force

But repetition, which sticks on the bones

Of all devices gristleless. Whatever one feels

Like a lathe through 2 passes becomes. A series

About nesting pulls him purple through

Commutes. A crescent congeals on the moon

That concave comforts him whose crown

Embeds a patent seething, gold that binds the boys who spitshine it,

Capella ringing in his labor homeward, in bed does

Doing what’s done blind at work, object processing

Enhanced by plutonium’s castigation of plastic set

In relief, Snuggled in velvet that toots cheap, industry procured

From and more honest in each way yet for wage. Him purchased

Via the right hark a Coleman table equipped with locking legs.

His pain becomes him, never convex, for that would allow him, like a

Tumor, to flake of someone else’s falter just in passing.

All this, and then would suggest radiation, an option, is finite.

Though black, gradations known by dictionaries still fail at the view

From each new discipline, which hegemony desires much as he who

Can’t orate the party lines, even teleprompted,

Desires limp, the wish that Popeye’s

Deals fail each time they’re renewed. The vehicles the mercenary sank

Too arrive here. The exit ramped with interior gore

If not feet, then early-model Ford Explorers, and oppression,

You know, actuality longed for, instead of the longed-for martyr’s

Invitation that broadcasts inexhaustible vigor for inventing

Pain that festers him purple in his cheeks he treats as lodestones

For a christ misunderstanding. The limeless suds spurt no introspection

And sorrowful love restaurants and bloom them like synthetic jaws.

Cases where threat would be best. The threat he composes a bubble for

His crown to rest on. The walk I’m on

Ended years ago and to revisit is to look on foreign lands

Printed before the regime change scrubbed with local

Lemons the high-rise scented tops with views the cleanest.

Lands foremost are aerial, foreign or not,

Given my background in public relations. A walk past Popeye’s filthy

Bouquets windows nightly. Let me know it can’t be cleaned it isn’t dirty

It’s scrubbed enough to taste the suds within

The moist and steaming center one can gnash

No more the larvae it feels utmost with,

Feed with the larvae it will feed with itself thrown down

On concrete in haste. To board the bus with utmost haste.