A Clara in my Throat Smash Wholes Us Lovely

Catherine Blauvelt

Hawthorn besides you, mere mouths my leaning.
The young lungish wanna splurge. I, too,
long. Birdshit. Let not well, until shouts you
delightful cockatoo. I wanna hold
on upon neck. Hot iota. On least
flown, off a ramus sudden, at a rabbit. O
some living ellipses! see through, hollow
through thrust, and she due. O come again,
the porch is getting night. Dart. And because swept hot
the belongs to us. Bent bodies wanna
part, set sounds among the look hunting crowd
of light. Hawthorn besides you: thumps, punch
outs, the if stops who hurry up homely.
The neck eludes knee. Puffs puff. Hulas hoop.