Welcome to the Jungle

Morgan Parker

I asked her where she wanna be when she 25 / She turned around and looked at me and she said ‘alive’”—Kanye West, “Welcome to the Jungle”


With champagne I try expired white ones
I mean pills I mean men

I think I’m going crazy sometimes really
you think I’m joking I’m never joking

All Men Have Been Created Equally
To Shiver At The Thought Of Me

is something I used to think but forgot
or got drunk tried smoking something new

put on a wig made a scene threw up
in someone’s living room cooked

too much food every time can someone just
give it to me when I get home

I know the answer is probably cleavage
cleavage all the boys I know

holding my arms down taking off
my bracelets with their white hands

I’ve pissed on a sidewalk in midtown watched
a Joan Crawford movie at dawn

art is nice but the question is how are you
making money are you for sale

people in movies are always saying
I can’t live like this! packing a little bag

or throwing down their forks I mean it
one of these days my whole body might just

go away like just standing in line
at Whole Foods or Purgatory I wish I were

a dream for you to suck on
once I got four tattoos

cut off all my hair
died my hair blonde

had a party had fifty parties
looked for Jupiter and Venus in the smog

painted and repainted my nails
what can they do for you sir

the question is where the fuck
is the sun the answer is tip-toe

into the park at midnight pretend
it’s green like home