Warm Arks

Frank Guan

for A.M.


Less centered, more anchored;
More logical, more vivid;
More vivid, more logical;
Preparation of a generous angle.

More logical, more vivid—
A very friendly, serious
Preparation of a generous angle
Navigates between variety and justice.

(A very friendly, serious
Emergency distilled into emergence:
Navigates between variety and justice,
Patient, tentative resurgence.)

Emergency distilled into emergence,
Natural control distinguished from control of nature's.
Patient, tentative resurgence
Now an artist, statement:

Natural control, distinguished from control of nature's
Respiration in the key of color
Now, an artist statement,
Verb made manifest: without the noun, but wearing it regardless:

Respiration in the key of color,
Exchanges without loss.
Verb made: manifest without the noun, but wearing it regardless:
Transparent, irreducible identity

Exchanges without loss
Not colorful. More colorful,
Transparent, irreducible identity
More than heaven and earth

Not colorful. More colorful.
Dispersion of paradise,
More than heaven and earth,
Too confident to be definite

Dispersion of paradise
Less centered. More anchored.
Too confident—to be definite:
More vivid, more logical,