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The Night I Fucked William Carlos Williams,

Ana Božičević

I was alarmed at how stark
his mien was. Everything was facebook_thumb.png a root

& he: horizon, brutal nekkid little shack—

“Fulfill my destiny as a fisherman—” … The loneliness of Londre, Moscau—

a 1000 Likes or Londons won’t save you from “hope

there’s something essential at least
to his loneliness.” I hoped so. So it was the canon

gave him to me…past I never had…a
pinkness. I had to save him

have him to be, I
turned him to a girl
Bit her pearls and choked on her hair straight till she sang:

“Deli rose, rose of ages:
in the melty shadow and heaves in the torrent of chassis
I exited the cardboard snow & entered
the shadow of liberty. A simple winter blooms in
my surfboard, the lyric the lyric of it

was never God, always
’bout the Rose,” and fuck if I’ll ever risk it for some Majesty again—

Goodbye NJ.
Horizon divided
Horse split in two but

Out of the muffin milk of WCW
came out pure song, the product of her sugar factory,
WCW, exacto metaflower, forgive

me ladybug
for taking on
on this form: in my past life
I was a flower, and in the one before that a flower,
and in the one
before a flower.

Or: suddenly, everything’s mildness
everything comes roses
I am because my little bitch fucks me—l—

William Carlos Williams
reached their legs up till they looked like arms
and confirmed to me in childhood that
layering’s good

Possibly it’s everything.