Its Been Along Time

Tom Blood

we talked walking
you stayed peach and I parrot
there is no narrative to resolve
only what we make of trees

pursuing a squad car of questions with paper
pushing legs under clocks
photos that become indiscriminate in rain

we walked on both sides the river
what emerges is not clear
for a instance, the panther coats
illusion heart scenic mystery
crossed fence area before the Safeway moment
hand on a cold fish, mango in my pants

I doubt nothing more than my memory
this is not an Italo Calvino and Maya Angelou novel
wove in Mill City to hope
xerox hand will wave the wand
time, our arms

I am arranging the mane of a bus stop of rain
not a mystery of self escaping
as the world pretty much completes
stories on trains mirroring opposite location
rained on walk water
a sky missing no pieces
a rain maze, illusory and stable

the ghosts are heavy in spots
a forest is not only the trees seen
in a day with no home
a white dog loving its own for a night