Going, Going, Back, Back

Frank Guan

We're not like plants. We can't incorporate our porn.
We're not all animals, but actually, we are.
One labored really hard to turn into a star.
One stuck a sour bounty through the flowering horn.

I can insure you that you'll never be a man,
Although the option's open: meet a manly end.
If you're a friend of Lexi's, then I'll be your friend.
You'll have to tear my top off like a peaches can.

It's crackling all the way down I can't bear to look.
But still, the numbness of your screen is half-inspired.
My master's firing emails off that read You're fired.
The numbness of this screen is how I'll close my book.

They're waving genitals around which make me sick.
Look, every separation is a new divorce.

The killer cam wants liquid on the set, perforce,
And longs for time to make the accusation stick.

I'm good at math. I set the three above the six.
One's ill at ease. One risks a suicidal gaffe.
Half-Asian kills and half are Asian—go on, laugh!
I knew it was a bad idea for us to mix.

And digital shots fired grew millions off their death—
Vain waves of pageclicks laundered into Google checks.
Look, _____ ________ reinvents the wheel of sex
That orbits around Lexi, Madison, and Beth.

The classic pale response is push away and grab.
The black Atlantic's proof—just open up a tab.
Don't fucking look at yellow, sun—a friendly jab!
That halfling's hate for Asians—why? Let's take a stab.

They have to slay the eunuch to reserve the whores—
Tear up the nest, then fuck with hollow-pointed eggs.
Boy fair America absolves with open legs,
Your wounding innocence is how we start our wars.