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From Body Work

Brenda Iijima

The body wants to right itself (parole)
Willingly: bodily, financially—infinitesimal signs
Fire, they go to the wall—jubilant, smirking
Civic space is semiotic, now possible talk
Do all communities require conformity (jpeg)
Serpent undertone wants to focus on a crucial dilemma
Essential living (bio-centric)
Aggressive-ness we are in it we presume to run it
They come over and say, We want to
But we are crushed and slinking against the sink (hole)
Do it and this is not going to be the most viable way (ethics)
Cue up      Defined as arts corridor (designated life)
Intervention by crawling
We don’t know how to talk about it
Transformation of time and labor (plastic)
Aim at transformation, competition nook
Of war machine, DNA structures
Machine is hidden      Intensification

You want me to stand against the wall
We were forced to; the feeling was that we were forced to comply
Re-choreography to loosen the restrictions
Straightjackets enforced—like fear (tight molecules)—sanctioned
Blob of protoplasm smear
Sick fuck ass-sprung well, open aperture, indeed, flung wide
River near asshole oasis, the very question of existence
Alas, there has been a lot of murdering around here


The earth was about to bulge:
                Silence of the lambs
The earth was about to open its mouth
    Silence of the lambs
Lieutenant Boyle finds this meat exotic
            The earth is exotic (life)
A pack of wolves/vampires/cannibals/After all, lambs don’t eat lambs
After all, a kid will eat ivy too—wouldn’t you?
   The earth we live in, mobile gasses continually absorbed by soil
Lamb of all archives, the absent referent could be any missing person
100 parts of helium/Clarice [Starling]
  Clarice! Clarice!
She will never undo but she will uncover/putrefying bacteria which decompose dead
  organ-mineral nitrates—Hannibal Lecter: Yes or no, Clarice? Poor little Catherine
  is waiting.
: It rubs the lotion on its skin. It does this whenever it’s told.
  : It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.
  [to his dog, Precious]: Yes, it will, Precious, won’t it? It will get the hose!
: Now it places the lotion in the basket.
  : It places the lotion in the basket.
  Put the fucking lotion in the basket!

I appreciate her name which strangely displaces…

Well, Clarice—have the lambs stopped screaming?

When they die and decay they are fed to the bright blue

The lambs are largely elements of air: oxygen, water, carbon and nitrogen.

Precariously depends,
We appreciate her heroisms, o we do
Her-culean, harrowing, hulky


            Cue up—we want to, we want it (tree)
Crawl—typically viewed as a dependency model
In addition to crawling and gathering information
We contemplate the animals killing each other (food)
By this point she was wearing a studded collar
By this point the highway was a steady stream of light and motion
Snake remained hidden
The feminine was darkness, earth, the low, death, humidity and sexuality
The feminine was a system of representation: clean houses, forests, swamps


I remained hidden
exhaustion, like historicism, or like theology
silhouette property
I gesticulated on a tree stump (stump as platform)
no one seemed to see me (in broad daylight)
—I was watching them (humanistic) in the surround of a zillion details as details merged
as I gesticulated on that stump
a copy of my actions was being documented, cars careened by along a curve
eagle codified, filed as raptor
the gas station adjacent—everyday
the work that un-formats as potential (energy)
comingle, interpretation of the figure (in the landscape)
internalizing the sense that the gas is running through my body
chaos of eroticism + fiber + sky + fist (surrounding dimensions)
a species commensurate with spastic motions
in the aforementioned regions these spasms renegotiated banality
all human beings were manifested
banality understood as brutal necessity
kind of like crashing through the day
prestigious structure and all our dependence
identify with prestigious structures and or dependence
in red silk (Salvation Army)
I peeled the scab off the wound in mid flight
Her ideas were my ecology
Slightly bloody and raw (obvious effect of the stump)
dancing on the slivers of wood
whipping shaggy head (really avoiding any masochistic energy)


Young pilgrim peeled the scab from the wound
That was such a bad idea (disturbing)
Their ideas of empire were cloaked in religious fervor (economic)
The gas station doles out the gas to the SUVS
Her ideas were of the reader
Particular qualities of air touching down
Red silk rustling
Red silk signals captivity
Bandy about the term freedom, bowdlerizing
right—scarlet letters
She suggested I wear a red-magenta bra
on top of the silk ensemble
I’m wearing a bra to overlap the sumptuous silk
ensemble that looks like it might have been a business woman’s
attire. Who is the woman who wore this dress?
I really want to understand her as I attempt to dance on this rough stump
I want to understand exploits, my mother tongue
dirt—it abounds in this scenario
The stump was chainsawed and then hacked it is jagged
We said really in unison

Dirt my mother tongue
She shat on my body as I emerged (it is usual)
Wishful shaking—torso, fascia, jaw rattle
Jaw declension. I now smile at the house
I smile at you and your house
There’s potential in the aural outcome


Come on out I don’t know you
I could know you if you step outside your house right now
I encourage you to open the front door with the wreath on it
that says WELCOME and merge your body with the light
merge with Id’s shadow on the tough grass
while I extend my figures to the sky somatically replicating
a desperate figure on The Raft of the Medusa
painted by Theodore Gericault when he was the rather tender age of 27 years old
Conceptualize the largest 4 x 4
our largest petroleum operated land raft
Harsh and crappy is suddenly this pose
Feeling sick but very much alive
soul pedal body incarceration gates of Elysium
emerged from the little cell like boiled meat

She suggests, flail down this road where all the houses were razed
Her aunt’s house was razed—PCP overload
A straight line of asphalt leads to the trees and eventtually
railroad tracks (also where tonnages of waste was dumped)
The red silk metaphor as regurgitated motif
As an interior view of the body alive: red
The body alive: red: also malfunction: red alert: stop
The dress was made in Bangladesh—not a local sweat shop
It is so reassuring to see her focused at the end of the lane
She films so I know she’s participating in hematology


Peering through the curtains at your kittens
upside down body exploits view
They see me dangle. Three years after the fact
Now we are in custody—witness protected
Coterminous, non-fucking but visualizing—Look
The looking. Just barely free (almost human)
Wind pushes at flag’s edges (POW)
Combinatory. Circulated through the psycho bodily locality
and articulative phrasings. You can say
how it is. Affect county.

We worked through the night—the 52 ton mass
was positioned on the edge of the hole, not my
hole, indefinitely leaning, though sagging as it might
There was an option to buy
He said, what is sold here is land, not art but
in effect capital cares less about classification
Malleable understanding in that it resembled a coffin
Anything is only part of where it is he wrote
They treat it as a target and a splinter
I felt it was a crevice of the body
Sort of forlorn—a hole, tactile, also voided
Touching there is a direct response
Think of the contact not as an illusion
The method of application involved the body
This time: green sateen from the 1970’s hand wrought
and—making a scene
The glorified, national body projected on a platform contrasted by
subordinate categories of being
This dance forges through the hole of cultural identity


The hole is empty—that’s the nature of holes
Illusionistic vapor developing efforts/please share
The wall is operative
A certain amount of desirable pain
accompanies elasticity
Suspense oozed—combinatory frictions (frosting)
King size™, green taffeta prom gown possessed
The mouth of the mall was closed (enclosed)
In the same day we embarked on the mowed plains
To honor the dead, morose ceremonial againness
against the immediate actions my body takes
Veteran’s memorial space
Reincarnating lost objects with the libido of armor
Shifting to primordial topics (topos)
Sexed reproductions seem to be posing here
Can’t be refusal if advocating difference
Channel weather as affect, elaborate on the name
Advancing motions for your prompt response
The rule gives permission to haul in two sharks per outing
Reconciled events with confirmations, enthrall the kill
Imagine—lawn—covert space program
Reckoning, body pose, flourish the dirt in language
This interlude wasn’t filmed by innocent bystanders
Culpability, rocks, subtitles
Hard memorial, rock solid


Response: coded video highlight
body suspension—molecular action, radiation, biometric shifts
I’m all over it—the ground, contemplation—hurled, off-flow
Cowering by river, rocks, the river
Applied use value/capitalizations (punctuation) (military)
When we submit as citizen entity rain wending way
Possessive use solutions appearing in the field of visionary concern
as sheen surface porous movement topics intervening (public)
A public hovers above the forest (dictates)
Rules that accumulate along the gum line
With teeth the archive insists
Body archive in fat squeeze revelations
Self-dome chance, in the middle of I
Leaves defended me
Left to ulterior devices—scramble, knock, dull pitch
Rose up from scenario cache
Exaggerated reversal, prone, long, knocking
Behaving with relish
Canines sink into the trove
Stockpiled evidence and information
All of this obsolete
Civilization as last resort
Contamination not this flow
Out here anti-archive throwaway detritus fixation
Conditions for atmosphere conditions for open proposals
Devolution claims marching across bodies
A notion like armor
Open up marrow not fussy with food slurp up subject performing


Lower body tilt ground reaction forces, grass, grasses, center of gravity
Gait impulse
headless wired quasi sentient killing device
pony acceleration headless and tilting, angular acceleration animal
cow bell, don’t heed—come running
salt lick nipple navel clit swivel thrive, humiliation park
To come this far and pronounce the obituary soundlessly
Sound pressure converts to electromagnetic impulse and in this vestibule
There’s an auditory never to relate the tempo
Splayed at vestibule, gated subject—torrential
Conditioned to be subservient cost analysis and bow to objectives,
thrive the fence, grasses implore
Encircled the back part of the supermarket with gestures that have no words
Impart with the extremities the skin blood membrane
I wouldn’t mind rotting here
Body entry impulse
nice and rotten all over again

Proxy in sweat
Rubbed sticks with legs with grass and asphalt
Chemical swell
Chemical decomposition
Grounded ploy
Rubble trouble
Neck there rock hard
Sweat coded
On all fours
The fence is gone


Contact at marrow, bloodletting river flow suction
Graphic impact reaches limits of space (melodramatic)
Inseparably from now until awakening
brutal jewel of war presently centered as center of gravity
Relent all factions
Limelight non-stage
Recondition materiality minimal postural sway
Map quest expressly—place to go/animal talking
Let me knot the work anon drumming butter thick
Dresses engulf the state apparatus with imperatives
Constructions plaintively say big thunder judicial peak
Over and above call of duty
Outlaw indexical surge
Jargon at the dance so hot so svelte legs all mustard

A junction, two roads intersecting asphalt melt, traffic patterns and rhythms
The journey happens on a sidewalk looking at cracks and crevices
Weeds of wonder sway road shaped like cow
Occupants in a house paint brittle plastic deer and squirrel near
Bathing pool the house sighs butting up against the route
Lumber by sweating small body deer squirrel dog we see one another
In our plasticity got it going on
Deer are decaying saying wild
Spray painted torsos
Gait to ambulate toward a field of repose
Submerge within bending postures of grass
Sway along roadway cars shuttle unbeknownst this system
There are the stones of the dead—contemplating tombs


Tombs cradle awakening tombs
Red is how the body splays in remembrance so lunge
Quarried marble effigy as upright veteran
Funnel body into cone—conical head with girth sway
Bodies delivered by horse and buggy onto sacred hill of
consequence like any sign with duel associations
Geopolitical contexts fight bodies, death (public art)
harken what the body is
Heterotopic elsewhere bones assembled in stature
Outside the perimeter are unrepresented bones
Knowing is removed, removal plaintively (history)
Simultaneity is best exhibited by the body
Language impasse overcome by muscle fibers
The motion of death in soil’s activity below sight level
Becoming at this connection blades of grass second fur
How do we share behaviors?
Representative deaths commemorated
Ignored in the present as ecological feature
At once adversarial nature (persons not honored)
Frozen in the sun
Hillside Cemetery, established 1798
Their bodies were forced into holes
Indicated by flags, they had fought
Collateral damage is this too, these hero tombs
Murky blood chain, reflexive imaging
Everywhere to turn is residual fallout
Inside ribcage, afterglow death smudge
In 1798, the Alien and Sedition Acts become United States law,
making it a federal crime to write, publish, or utter false
or malicious statements about the United States government
Rite of passage scripted within the incubator
submerged histories, gestural drama, the wild, corporeal exposure,
weather, animal interests and spasmodic vocabularies
bubble the plasma, the ventricle system, main veins