Cole Swensen

à la dérive      de la Bièvre      de Guy Debord who could sweep through any city

on a curve      could river aloft      even an old river knotted      in the middle

of the night      can be traced by its heat      Debord who refused to follow

the meticulous scent       only a city      could in such debt could a city disarticulate

its imprecate grid      in walking is      the destruction of city planning      the de-

Haussmannization of the mind on an October afternoon      filtered light      filtered

a break in the seal      cast aside      decades later a group of young people

got into the habit of walking a straight line across Paris      no matter what buildings,

rivers, or other obstacles happened      to refuse the pattern      they unlocked

the genetic sequence      and not without effect      on the English Inclosure Acts of

the 18th and 19th centuries      though this is difficult to document      which is one

of its principal strengths.