John Ashbery

You should see through the ride.
At least that is the argument I’ve been hearing,
a misery at every time of night
including ghost calculus.

Yep what a story.
Keep on the trails
and of course, if you roll it all out right at the start, you’ve got
leftover motives to account for the window signature.

Maybe even some other decimal system? Who said not to elaborate when there’s a surplus of evidence? Not the man in the moon, surely. Steady compromise.

Been reading The Hole in the Blanket by Mr. Completely, already hailed for his seminal The Spot on the Wall. I don’t know if you ever tried to.

Telethon, once it starts
we get answers phoned in from all over.
David’s not worried, and if he’s
not worried, nobody else should be either.

Banner with strange device...

Locker-room privacy. Since many have different opinions,
rob its family member.
Liberty Hall, indeed.