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Cheshire Chats

Jeff Nagy

                                                                                    ( ^ ‘ ^ ) (“EYES UP HERE”)

                        Like, the cars, things associated with the cars,

                                    Ruthless carriage…

                                    Wild horses…

                        Allow an adjustment to happen


                        Since finding in myself the veins of screaming pedantry

                                    Are not so deeply

                        Buried, the things that at this point I do not have must not

                                    Nor sincerely

                        Need, so said so and then saving a portion of that speech

                                    For something else you had, a

                                                FIG. / \ / \ (TANTRIC HATS)

                                                A mean secret

                                    Almost silently said I AM A GIFT HORSE

                                                FIG. (( ö ))xx COURTESAN FLUSH

                        (British accent) PIECE OF CAKE in circular index gesture

                                    Was that my mouth you were looking at

            Just now a superfrieze called CONGRESS OF PARIS one-half

                                                FIG. ( \ / \ / ) (MANTA RAY GUN)

Read DEFENCE until morning, frogstars staring out gently on BUNNY, “Death of
      SPEAKING!” comes home FRENCH in a car by herself to rob me of my jealousy, paid
In Manna Foundation’s pennies from heaven, PROVENANCE MANAGEMENT in **’s
      Telecommute, I do not talk to them to make them grow. Migrant anyway they would do

Do PIGGY-BUNNY re-save for wages, stars i.e. “constellate” but are homeless, guest-working
      Restavek Frères Antiquities Wing, long enough in the Field to acquire
A “discipline” – for offering BUNNY a home MAY the elision resemble her
      A version astringent or wiped MINOS, PALACE culture-out who were going into

         Field of Reeds, terror attacks on human soil offering

                  APRIL SHOWER SCENES


                              FIG. ---(----)---


                  NOT IMPLYING ANYTHING

                              FIG. ---(----)---

                  HALTING PROBLEM SPEECH

                  She turned to me with her eyes which were like two crystal doorknobs, sharp
                  line of her nose continued by a vertical fault of concentration the jamb between
                  them. Her nose breaking this line also like a crystal doorknob whose facets
                  mutually reflected those of the eyes above them, tiny flecks of impurities in
                  their otherwise clear, like wet starlight after rain or fragments of clouds. She
                  turned to me with her breasts then, two crystal doorknobs on each of which a
                  smaller crystal doorknob was rigid and inset. The eye knobs began to turn
                  slowly counterclockwise as she turned and I had no idea what was going to
                  come out when the knob of her mouth began to twist as if turned an interior
                  hand slammed the door in her face.