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Better Off

Tom Blood

unmanaged buffalo walking home
wind in window bus of fight
time wreathes cart wheel clouds
stream and moving floors

clocks trick to place and camouflage
words are eggs eyes hold at
park bench desk the less I disturb, more remain

we have only just woke and created foundation
fountain mountain impress
marble maybe tree
quiet stay so

airplanes as a going away
cascade cheetah cathedral

death and travel are big questions to wrestle
standing before a cougar ghost in humility
chestnut spread over a lake opened blouse

better eye prairie falcon before us
unmanaged clump vague buffalo tree
ratty wind in the bus window
corpse of words near what they mean

river hermit pageant forest cloud calm stream
bell apparel
park bench where I watered my head
creating unity we see among us
things that are quiet stay so

airplanes cross us, a feral excitement